Simon Carter

Simon Carter

Simon Carter

Singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter & producer Simon Carter entered the Australian music scene in 2004 as frontman and songwriter of the critically acclaimed Sydney band The Cops.

2004 saw the band leap from the starting blocks amid industry buzz with their self-produced & recorded eponymous E.P. The Cops released on Rusty Hopkinson’s Reverberation label.

Released during the whirlwind of hype surrounding the Nu-rock movement, the band’s 2005 album “Stomp On Tripwires” garnered rave reviews and introduced the Australian public to a scuzzed out mix of rock, funk, disco and garage and a ferocious live show (and extreme amounts of cowbell bashing) which led Carl Barat of The Libertines to proclaim them his new favourite band in the NME.
2005 saw the band crisscross the country playing alongside bands such as Blondie, The Donnas, The Distillers, The Black Keys, The Von Bondies & The Dirtbombs. They also played The Big Day Out, Falls Festival, Homebake, Come Together, Pushover and The St Kilda Festival. They were also nominated for 2 Jack awards, and performed “The Shake” at the awards ceremony.

2007′s “Drop It In Their Laps” showcased a new line-up and new direction in Carter’s songwriting. The grit and swagger of “Stomp On Tripwires” was replaced by an extreme pop direction that mirrored Carter’s fascination and obsession with crafting 3 minute pop masterpieces. The lead single “Call Me Anytime” was an instant favourite, and the follow up single “The Message” saw the band up their game, selling out their national album tour and playing alongside CHK CHK CHK and The Kaiser Chiefs.

In 2008 the band quietly parted ways due to external commitments, and Carter set about preparing his debut solo record “The Black Book Of The Universe”.Two years in the making, the album was released in 2010 by old Cops-collaborator Rusty Hopkinson on his Illustrious Artists label. The album cemented Carter’s reputation as one of Australia’s most diverse songwriting talents and highlighted the exploratory approach he took to creating music; an approach that encompassed a nomadic viewpoint of constant musical exploration, renewal, and release. A sweeping sonic landscape peppered with prog-pop, country and space-rock, the album proved that Carter was as comfortable writing 3 minute garage screamers as he was writing the 6 minute prog-country of the title track “The Black Book Of The Universe.”

In 2011 Carter and his musical sparring partner and ex Cops member Todd Smith announced yet another new direction with their outrageous new sex-funk outfit Beat Club. Taking cues from bands such as Parliament, Roxy Music, Prince and Devo, and under the monikers Windsor Collins and Boy Lord, the terrible twosome of medieval pagan scuzz-funk are currently preparing to release their debut e.p. “The Sex Face E.P.” sometime in 2012. The band also features Archi Fires (Ex Hell City Glamours and Black Ryder) on bass, and Nick Kennedy (Big Heavy Stuff, Knieval, The Cops) on drums. The band posted their first promo clip of one of the forthcoming tracks “I’m Gunna Set You On Fire” on YouTube in March.

Producing in various capacities since 1998, Carter has begun producing and mixing bands in his purpose-made studio The Lonely Mountain in Enmore, Sydney. To date, as well as his own projects, he has produced an album for The Diamond Quills, and is currently working on Dan Black’s solo album, as well as his second solo album and the second Beat Club e.p. He has also written with Shannon Noll, Justin Burford and Shane Nicholson.