Peter Northcote

Peter Northcote

Peter Northcote

You may or may not know Pete Northcote……but you would have certainly heard him!

Arguably the most recorded guitarist in Australian history, IN PETE NORTHCOTE’S SPACE…NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM!

Turn on the TV and he plays on 90% of the ads you see and hear.

Pick your favourite show and there’s a good chance he’s played guitar or written the music.

As an aspiring musician, Pete started doing session work in 1985. He was told by many other session musicians, “You’ll get two to four good years as a session musician.”

Well that was 1985 and he is still the busiest session musician in Australia today.

Being first call for jingles, Pete has played on just about every KFC, McDonald’s and Telstra ad since the mid ‘80s.

Having 12 Library/Production albums under his wing, his compositions have had a regular spot on Oprah, Dr Phil and every sporting and lifestyle program known to man.

As for record dates, Pete has recorded albums with the cast of Australian Idol, Anthony Callea, Bob Downe, Daryl Braithwaite, Doc Neeson, Dragon, Grace Knight, Guy Sebastian, Hi5, Human Nature, Jenny Morris, Jimmy Barnes, Julie Anthony, Marcia Hines, Margaret Urlich, Marc Hunter, Neil Murray, Paul Kelly, Shannon Noll, Sharon O’Neill, Simon Philips and Yothu Yindi to name but a few!

Pete has performed and toured with international acts like ELTON JOHN, CHER, SHANIA TWAIN, BILLY JOEL, THE MONKEYS, ROD STEWART, BO DIDDLY and TOM JONES.

He currently performs in the house band on Weekend Sunrise on Channel 7 every weekend.

His first solo album, Conditions Apply, won critical acclaim from Virtuoso Guitarist STEVE VAI (David Lee Roth, Frank Zappa, Whitesnake) and after only one packed house performance at Sydney’s iconic venue The Basement, Conditions Apply is now in its second printing.

His second album, Poindexter and the Genius Sex Act, is a concept album with a difference. Born out of the quagmire of Pete’s eclectic but focused imagination, this album is a major turning point in his already expansive career. “More like a pantomime than a gig,” Pete performs the entire album as it is on the disc – complete with a running monologue and a few props and surprises thrown in for good measure.

His third album, Chill Axe is, as the title suggests, a chill out album. Written with Café’s, nightclubs and long love making session in mind, Chill Axe was a return to his Library/Production music catalogue that now spans more than 300 works.

Although somewhat virtuosic, Pete’s music is not your typical ‘widdly widdly’ guitar instrumental. Nor is it the same blues licks you’ve heard guitarists emulate since Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Accessible, melodic, fun and fresh, exciting, assaulting and emotional, Peter’s music will have you tapping into some deep emotional, spiritual and sensual areas of your being and at the same time have you giggling inside at some more than familiar circumstances.

Pete is still happy to make other people famous but his live shows will have you wondering why he hadn’t done this sooner.

“Wow! Last night I saw the best guitarist in Australia, Peter Northcote. It was at his Album Launch at the Basement. Packed to the rafters by an amazed crowd. Peter possesses the ability to take an audience to another level of musical experience. Just like you must go to the Easter Show before you die, you also must see Peter Northcote in concert!”

Pat Maloney