Megan Washington

Megan Washington

Megan Washington

WASHINGTON is a state of mind WASHINGTON, first name Megan, is a real musical artist. A beautiful artist. One that you don’t come by often. One who doesn’t rely on the brilliance of others to present her for popular world consumption. She is an artist in her own unique realm.

Her music is hard to compartmentalize. It’s pure shining pop with vaudeville jazz, its burlesque rock, it’s cinematic country, it’s beautiful exquisite heartbroken blues, all delivered to you, the listener, with such a natural musical aplomb and love of melody and a bold, free spirit to her voice, that you simply you have no resistance to…. and she never, ever forgets, that music is entertainment. It is a gift from her to you.

Born and raised, in Port Moresby on the tiny Pacific Ocean Island of Papua New Guinea by culture loving and MGM musical listening parents, in childhood she sometimes day-dreamed of being the secret love child of Debbie Reynolds. Her reality was growing up amongst the beautiful traditional villages and communities of the culturally diverse island. Here she was able to freely explore the possibilities of creating her own very personal and unique culture. In her own style, not pressured by pre-existing stereotypes offered up by western influences of what is cool and not, what is in or not. This we feel set her compass true.

At age 13 her family moved to Brisbane Queensland, Australia. Brisbane, it is fair to say, was in a state of renewal after decades of corruption and political greed. Washington herself is a symbol of that sunburnt states rebirth because it was here that she discovered her gift. Her remarkable music. It’s through Washington’s music you feel her spirit wandering topographically over her own loves and life. She is open, her honesty is neither intense nor overloaded – somehow she launders grey, dull pain into fun. A true born alchemist!

After studying jazz voice for six years at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, in her early twenties Washington moved to the dark, moody and culturally rich plains of Melbourne, Victoria. Forming a band in 2009, Washington shimmied slightly left of her sweet jazz roots with an independent EP Clementine, and it was here the first early signs of her own take on Indie/Alternative/ Pop/Mainstream/Blues and show time jazz spectacular first appeared and began to blossom.

Clementine picked up the National Youth Network, triple j’s ‘Unearthed” competition. People started taking note of this sassy and fearless frontier-woman, Washington. The following EP, How to Tame Lions, was again greeted with healthy sales, fantastic reviews and a coveted ‘Vanda & Young’ Songwriting mantle for the title track, no mean feat given the 4000 song entries received from all around the world.

2010 was a stellar year for Washington, playing to packed houses in every Australian city, the appreciative audiences and media falling in lust with this coquettish mix of Audrey Hepburn, Shirley Manson and the Absinthe Fairy from Moulin Rouge, tantalizing us with her seductive visions put to music.

That particular vintage also yielded sweet fruit for Washington when her debut album ‘I Believe You Liar’ entered the Australian album charts at #3 and was awarded Platinum status within the year.

In October 2010 Washington was nominated for seven, and won two, ARIA Awards for “Best Female Artist” and “Breakthrough Australian Artist” and stole the show with a Bob Fosse inspired performance of her song Sunday Best on the steps of the iconic Sydney Opera House, in a live national television broadcast…a hint of things to come.

Washington has the innate ability, the artistic clarity and the forthright, street-smart perceptive power of her own 20/20 talent to mine her potent imaginings, and from this mine of hers she produces exquisite musical polaroids of memory, time and place. She has an enormously infectious personal charm and an uncanny knack of redefining music and making it her own. Her music is the sum of opposing forces, like the sentimental feel of old time piano and the latest techno-wizardry married effortlessly with all the gusto and outrageousness of a great and memorable night out.

Her next stop is the Big Apple, New York City. She loves apple you see, sliced wafer thin like an opaque moon, with a squeeze of fresh lime. New York City will love Washington. As just like the energy of that great city, so many things are offered up by Washington’s full tilt, heart-full expressionism.

… Of course, all of this means nothing, dear reader, if you can’t play and sing and dance and I’m very pleased to say, she amazes at all three and that is something you will see for yourself.