The Falls

The Falls

The Falls

They met.
They fell in love.
They wrote songs.
They fought.
They made up.
They broke up.
They wrote songs.

At a time when for most it would be the end of a relationship, for The Falls this feels like it is just the beginning…

Melinda Kirwin sings vocals, piano, melodica and other cute things as one half of Sydney based duo THE FALLS.

Almost subconsciously they have documented their whole relationship in their songs. The love, the betrayal, the heartbreak. While at times it is hard for them to wear their hearts so openly on their sleeve, for The Falls it has been a huge part of their songwriting.

In the fallout from Valentines Day, The Falls decided that rather than wallowing in self pity they would put their heartbreak to tape. So they pulled out their little tascam 4-track portastudio which, with all its tape wobbles and noise, aptly captured the fragility of their hearts. These fledgling recordings were just the beginning of what has become their debut EP ‘HOLLYWOOD’ (due for release on June 1st 2012).

In late 2011, The Falls hit the studio with producer Tony Buchen (Old Man River, Andy Bull, WIM, Washington) to record ‘HOLLYWOOD,’ both the song and the EP. The Hotel Hollywood has featured so strongly in their lives that it was inevitable it would manifest itself in this way. It is where they met and it is also where they can be found playing each week at a new little, somewhat undiscovered, night of free music that has emerged from the back streets of Surry Hills called FOLK CLUB. Every Wednesday, publican and Hollywood starlet, Dorris Goddard is playing host to a night of nu-folk/alt-country/melodramatic pop at the Hotel Hollywood, and The Falls are the artist in residence.

In this intimate setting, the connection between these two onstage is palpable. Their emotionally fuelled live performances are compelling to watch, sometimes heartbreakingly so, garnering reviews such as “intoxicating melodies and gorgeous harmonies” and “(their) strength lies in their ability to convey raw emotion and wisdom in their lyrics”.

Buchen managed to imprint some of this Hollywood magic on each track, recording the reverbs for the EP down in the bowels of the hotel, in the downstairs men’s toilets. So, each song has on it a little Hollywood porcelain reverb or ‘pee-verb’ as they’ve been calling it :)

With an unmistakable sound, barefoot collaborators and best friends The Falls are definitely worth watching out for in 2012.