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Pieter T

Pieter T

There is no doubt that Pieter T (Pieter Tuhoro) is carving a path to the top. With his debut album thoroughly thrashed and his loyal fan-base expanding, Pieter aims his sights on his 2nd album, which fuses reggae, soul, dance and hip-hop and parallels his work with youth at risk as an ambassador for Youthline NZ.

The upcoming album (tentatively called ‘Completion’) will include his latest dance-floor friendly hit – ‘My Baby’ which has close to 1 million views on Youtube and graced the NZ TOP 40. ‘My Baby’ was also the most requested track on NZ’s best urban stations Mai Fm and Flava and now #1 in Samoa. Pieter T will just keep on writing till he cracks that international #1 spot!

As well as writing for his own music journey, Pieter T features on songs with NZ’s finest including: Dave Dallas ‘The Rose Tint’ – ‘Nothing to do’, PNC ‘Under The Influence’, Sabre (Nesian Mystik) multiple tracks on RZDF mixtape, collaborations with Tyree, Young Sid, Vermillion Skyze, D-Love, Karnel, Sons of Zion and more to come in 2012. The high caliber producers and beat makers Pieter T is working with are Kevin Mark Trail (UK) DKN World Music, P-14, Christian Joseph and Matt Miller to name a few, as the writing process is endless.

“The album will be a complete mash-up of R&B, Pop and everything in between. I was incredibly cautious on my first album to keep to a strict genre. Now I’m a full time musician, I realise music has no boundaries. A good song is a good song and it will be judged on it’s own. So no rules on this next album, I’m working with good musicians to make exactly that, good (hopefully great) music. Cliché as it sounds, expect the unexpected.”

Pieter T’s debut album ‘Life Love and Lessons’ was voted by Flava 88.6’s audience as ‘Album of the year 2010’, nominated in 2 categories of the Maori Music awards and features some brilliant NZ talent such as Aaradnha, Rahxx, Dave Nesian, Chong-Nee, PNC, Dei Hamo, The Truth and Vince Harder.

His musical stats are already impressive with 7 music videos (2 self-funded), 7 tracks in the NZ airplay top 40 and most Youtube video’s over 100,000 plays online…it’s been an expeditious few years. Signed to independent label Kog, managed by Hustle Management and now joined by touring vocalist/musician Elz, the future is looking undeniably vivid and for Pieter T.

Check out www.PieterT.com for releases and debut album ‘Life Love & Lessons’

Talk to him directly on facebook – http://www.facebook.com/Pietertmusic