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Eli Wolfe

Eli Wolfe

Eli Wolfe is returning to Australia to tour ‘She’s like a fable’, the second single from his new EP ‘Cards are on the table’, after performing to full houses in theatres and churches across Canada and Germany and at Canadian Music Festival.

The tour will include a performance at Song Summit at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre to launch the 2012 campaign for The Line—a national youth initiative promoting respectful relationships.

Eli describes his new single as like a scene in a Monet painting, reminiscent of new love found in a cultural period of reserve and true love lost, along with its haunting reflections.

With Eli’s distinct vocal and finger picking style, ‘She’s like a fable’ offers a pure and elegant listening experience. A song with a baroque feel and the colours of Monet; now seems a fitting time to release the new single following Eli’s European concerts.

“Touring throughout Europe is an ongoing study of culture and the human experience. I had the pleasure of visiting places like St Thomas Church in Leipzig—home to Johann Sebastian Bach and displaying 17th century instruments like viola, cello and tympani. Beautiful sculpture, architecture and paintings everywhere tell stories of days gone by,” says Eli.

The EP also features ‘Eggman’, a song that recently featured on classic cartoon comedy
Futurama. The quirky and upbeat song was originally inspired by a skeletal character painted by Eli, and was a perfect fit for the animators at Futurama. For Eli, it was great to see a song inspired by art going full-circle back into the art world of Futurama.

From the delicate new single to the brooding melodies of ‘Hit the ground running’ and
‘The Longing’, the 5-track EP is a heartfelt experience of depth and class. Blending folk, pop, blues and country, the EP is being independently released on Magic Journey Recordings, with national distribution through the artist-friendly MGM.

For Eli, music and drawing have always been personal and meditative experiences.

Attracted to the arts of illustration, painting, written word and music since early childhood, Eli’s
love for language and audio-visual communication has grown to include film, 3D, multimedia and animation, which he presents at live shows wherever possible. The self-taught left-handed guitarist has an acclaimed and highly original style on 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars. Along with enchanting vocals and thought-provoking poetry, Eli’s live show offers an inspiring experience, opening the doorway to a timeless place.