The Daily Wrap: Backstage Pass

Today seemed like the best Friday the more than 100 school kids who turned up for Backstage Pass have had in a long time. Rather than slogging away in the schoolyard, the youthful delegates (who ranged from nine to 18 years of age) spent the day playing music with some of Australia’s best songwriters and musicians.

Danny Yau, Neal Hunt and Rob Cannon took care of business this morning, offering students invaluable insights into music marketing, PR and management. When asked for a quick bit of advice, Rob asserted “The public can always smell a rat, so stay true to yourself - no matter what.”

Erana Clark had a room full of talented vocalists in the palm of her hand. “Let me hear you! I want you to move that curtain at the back of this room with your ‘oooohs’ and ‘aaaaahs,” she encouraged as the crowd of youngsters belted out Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know, equipped with harmonies, choral parts and soloists.

Evan Mannell managed to play air guitar while bouncing to the beats of his delegates’ drum circle, which jammed to the sounds of Lanie Lane’s (Oh Well) That’s What You Get (for falling in love with a cowboy).

Meanwhile, Jake Stone (Bluejuice) and Josh Pyke teamed up with more than twenty budding songwriters and wrote an original song . You’ll have to come to their performance at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre on Sunday to see what they all came up with. In the meantime, have a listen to what Josh said about his Backstage Pass experience here.


Tim Levinson (Urthboy)also captivated his enthusiastic audience, starting his hip hop session with an in-depth explanation of what hip hop means to him. "I love writing and I love words," he said. "That's what its all about.  Its the song that matters - nothing else. You've gotta get down and get your hands dirty - you just gotta start doing let's lay down some beats," he said. Stay tuned for more interviews with Rai Thistlethwayte and the Music Business crew.  

Check out our chat with Tim below.

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Don’t forget to come down to the Bayside Auditorium at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre on Sunday. From 6.30pm, the delegates will show us what they’ve got onstage.

Photos from the day are up on our Flickr. Check them out here >>