Song Summit: Monday – it’s a wrap!

Thank you very much for attending Song Summit. We hope you are more motivated to write new songs and play more music – perhaps now with new ideas and inspiration gained from what you have learned over the last three days.

This morning, David Touve addressed the complexities of online music in the digital age. ” Music isn’t a product or a service,”‘ he said. “‘Music is an experience – a sensory, personal, social and cultural experience.”‘

Afterwards, Lindsay McDougall and Missy Higgins explored ”writers block,” and how Missy’s journey through LA, Nashville and New York, helped her overcome it. ” I had set this impossible goal for myself,” she said. “The most important thing is to enjoy yourself. You’ve got to keep stoking that creative fire within.”

We caught up with Missy before she went onstage. Watch the video below for some exclusive tips.

In “Content, Competition, Collecting Societies & Crystal Balls,” panellists including |Stephen Navin, David Touve and Michael Fraser discussed the increasingly important role of licensing and the move away from piracy in a brave new digital world.

“In the past few years, streaming businesses have emerged that want to buy licenses and who are prepared to pay a share of their revenues back to songwritesr and rights holders,” said APRA CEO Brett Cottle.

“The challenge is to do it lawfully while respecting creators rights,” said Michael Fraser.

Check out our photo gallery of today’s events here.

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