Song Summit Daily Wrap: Sunday

After yesterday’s great start, Song Summit quickly got underway today. Guitars were strummed, opinions were aired, minds were challeged, and songs were dissected. It’s all part of this unforgettable weekend.

Now sit back and reflect on what went on during the day. There’s a lot to get through!

Arnthor Birgisson got things started this morning, talking about the trials and tribulations of writing hit songs for the likes of Ronan Keating, Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson.  “I go to the studio every single day,” he said. “There’s definitely a discipline and determination required, to spend that time making a good song into a great song.” Watch video highlights here:

In “Talk About Pop Music,” Adam Argyle  shared his thoughts on how he writes pop songs that sell millions.  “It’s trying to find something incredibly simple that says what you want it to say – it has to be memorable.”

Gary Go agreed –  “if you can hear the potential in something you’re doing, you need to do whatever you can to take it there.”

Vox Pop: Gary Go

We also heard from Joel Madden this morning, who said, “artist development is probably the thing I’m most passionate about outside of my own music.”

Yesterday, Music Supervisor Gary Calamar (of Dexter and Six Feet Under fame) spoke In Conversation about the challenges of finding the right songs to match the editor’s vision of a particular show.

Check out our photo gallery from the day here.

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