Exclusive interview with Adalita!

 Magic Dirt frontwoman and songwriting extraordinaire Adalita, took some time out to talk to us about her upcoming appearance at Song Summit this May.

Q: Who are you looking forward to seeing at Song Summit this year?

A: Imogen Heap.

Q: Who would you list as your greatest musical influences?

A: Kate Bush. Neil Young. Dinosaur Jr. The Pixies.

Q: In your opinion, what makes a good song?

A: Hard to say. A good song is in the ear of the beholder. It’s such a subjective thing. But for me I guess I like a strong melody. An interesting voice. The way the lyrics fit with the music. A good song can also be good in its demo form and then lose its impact when properly recorded so this makes me think that a good song is also something that you capture in a moment. The stars align.

Q: When you first started playing music, who was your mentor? What inspired you to keep going, despite inevitable setbacks within the music industry?

A: Magic Dirt founder & bass player Dean Turner was my mentor. He discovered my cassette tapes of songs I’d recorded on my shitty little stereo and he thought they were great. He started learning bass guitar so we could get a band together and play my songs. Dean had this inexhaustible faith in my music & in me as a performer and I reckon this is what enabled me to live & work as an artist. It was a tremendous boost for my self esteem & confidence.

From that moment I was always inspired to play music. Magic Dirt was an amazing band to have a career with in this industry. We were a very strong, tight knit & extremely hard working group so any setbacks were only minor. And we were all inspired by each other, by the songs & by our live touring which included the dedication of our fans.

Q: Why do you want to coach and mentor budding songwriters as part of the triple j Unearthed competition?

A: Song Summit 2012 is my first one that I’ll be going to, so am looking forward to a new experience. I’m always happy to chat about my creative processes – it’s good to share knowledge.

Q: Can you tell us your biggest regret and proudest moment of your music career?

A: I really have no regrets. There have been many proud moments with Magic Dirt, like ARIA nominations, Big Day Out tours but the proudest moment that sticks out for me now was winning the AIR Award in 2011 for Best Independent Release for my first solo record.

Adalita will be a mentor at Song Summit’s ” Songwriting and Coaching” Career Development Workshops and the triple j Unearthed Masterclass with Goyte.

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